World Contraceptive Day 2022

World Contraceptive Day
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World Contraceptive Day

Birth control is the first important step a woman must take towards the goal of her freedom, to be a man’s equal, and a step they must both take towards human emancipation.

Negative myths and misconceptions about family planning are a barrier to modern contraceptive use. This year’s #WorldContraceptionDay aims at debunking some of the common myths that hinder the uptake of family planning services and commodities.

World Contraceptive Day

Today more than ever, It is crucial to ensure that all women and girls, in all their diversity and without discrimination, have adequate access to safe, effective, affordable, and acceptable methods of contraception of their choice.

Access to contraception is a fundamental right that contributes to improved health outcomes, and benefits individuals, families, and communities.

World Contraceptive Day

Contraceptives have benefits. They reduce unnecessary illness, maternal and child death, household poverty as well as HIV transmission leading to a quality population for sustainable development. Let’s demystify myths around contraceptives.

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