Woman Accused Of Faking Pregnancy, Buying A Baby.

Woman Accused Of Faking Pregnancy, Buying A Baby. Photo Courtesy
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Woman Accused Of Faking Pregnancy, Buying A Baby.

Police in Nakuru are investigating an incident where a 25-year-old woman is accused of faking a pregnancy and later buying a baby.

Particia Rono is said to have told her husband, Wesley Rono, in December 2020 that she was pregnant with their first child.

Mr Rono said he became suspicious when his wife would get agitated whenever he tried to touch her belly or get closer to her.

For several months, Mrs Rono used clothes to make a baby bump. Her husband decided to play along.

Woman Accused Of Faking Pregnancy, Buying A Baby. Photo Courtesy

“When my wife broke the news to me that she was expecting our first child I was very excited. However, I noticed she was stuffing clothes in her belly and she would not allow me to touch or feel the baby bump. I just decided to play along to see her end game,” said Mr Rono.

The man further said:  “She used to ask for money to go to clinic and some to buy baby clothes. But I knew it was all fake.”

After nine months, the woman told her husband that she was due to deliver and asked for money for maternity services.

Mr. Rono later received a call from his wife informing him that she has delivered a baby boy. He said his wife decided to go to her parent’s home to ‘recover’.

She came back home four days later carrying a baby in her arms, Mr Rono said.

Mr Rono decided to end the game and reported the matter the police. Mrs Rono was questioned and admitted to faking a pregnancy.

Police are looking for the woman suspected to have sold the infant for Sh50,000 but had only received Sh2,600 in cash. The remaining amount was paid in form of tea seedlings.

Kericho criminal investigation officer John Onyango said detectives are working with their Kuresoi counterparts to pursue the suspected seller.

The baby is currently under the care of the government.


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