Why Men Masturbate Yet They Have Girlfriends

Why Men Masturbate Yet They Have Girlfriends
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Why Men Masturbate Yet They Have Girlfriends

There are so many myths around masturbation that it’s not surprising people have lots of questions about it.

Medically, it is not evil to masturbate. Culturally, and especially from a religious view, it is far more complicated. Some cultures and religions are very open to masturbation and see it as a normal practice.

If you’ve found out your partner still masturbates or even caught them self-pleasuring, you might be worried about what this means for your sex life and your relationship.

Here is why men masturbate yet they have girlfriends.

Why Men Masturbate Yet They Have Girlfriends

Due to pregnant partners

You realized that when a woman is pregnant, less sex is involved. It may not be done regularly and therefore instead of cheating on your beautiful woman, masturbation becomes therapy.

Masturbation is good for mental health

An increasing number of people are beginning to view masturbation as an important part of looking after themselves. It improves their wellbeing by helping them unwind, improving their connection to their own bodies, bettering their self-image (if your body makes you feel good, you’re more likely to feel good about your body), and assisting with peaceful sleep.

To improve their confidence

The more you engage in physical stimulation, the more you train your body to want it and anticipate it. Your body essentially learns how to feel sexual pleasure and have an orgasm which can, in turn, have a significant impact on relationships and a person’s self-esteem and confidence

Masturbation is really hot

Many people find the idea of their partner masturbating sexually arousing. Whether that’s when their partner is alone (and they then tell you about it), or in front of them, or while they also masturbate (known as mutual masturbation), it can be a really fun and sexy way to be intimate.

Due to boredom

Those moments when you’re just sitting at home with nothing to do and you’re just like “Fuck it, might as well” Now you know.

Sometimes, men think that if they tell their partners that they want to masturbate, then the partners might think that they did something wrong or were not sexually good. But usually, that is not the case. It is just something that they like to do for themselves.

Felicity Gitonga
Felicity Gitonga is the founder of Africa Business News. abn, freelance writer, journalist, and author with a passion for telling stories.

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  1. Well,a well deserved therapy but if you ask men if they musterbate all will deny

    1. They deny yet they do it on a daily basis… It is normal and stress relieving

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      1. Felicity shhhhhhhhhh!😎

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