Ways To Experience Personal Growth

Celebrate Your Progress
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Personal growth and development

The main aim of personal growth is to change yourself and become a better person. Sometimes we think that in order to see improvements and growth, we often think we need to be hard on ourselves

 Consistency in personal growth?

At some point in life, we think that we need to be the taskmasters of our own lives, consistently encouraging ourselves to work harder, be better, and push deeper.

My mother was and still is a good taskmaster. This has helped me do well in school and set higher goals in my career. However, there are times when my efforts fail.

After experiencing burnout and the negative effects of pushing myself too hard, I’ve been fascinated with finding a different way to approach personal growth and learning.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Celebrate Your Progress

Here are five approaches I have found to help release the pressure of forced action and to create inspired action instead.

Eliminate obstacles

Instead of beating yourself and barreling through obstacles, think about how you can remove obstacles altogether. For example, I was recently struggling to make progress on a bunch of different goals in my life.

I would push through my list each day to check off what I had committed myself to do. But I was completely exhausted. I could have kept pushing forward, but I realized that finding time was actually becoming an obstacle for me. I decided to take off some of the items on my list.

Yes, perhaps I wasn’t as productive as I could possibly be, but with the obstacle of trying to fit everything into one day gone, I was able to smoothly focus on the remaining work.

Embrace flow

This entails deep concentration during an activity. It can also be a feeling of smoothly transitioning from one activity to another. Flow can never be forced, but it can be embraced.

Be flexible and follow where your inspiration leads you.

Be curious.

Curiosity is the antidote to stress. Embracing curiosity can help you to better understand yourself, which will enable you to move forward smoothly.

When we resist change, there is almost always something lurking beneath the surface.

However small the progress is, celebrate!

Celebrate Progress 

However small the progress is, celebrate!

When we are focused on changing ourselves, nothing ever feels like enough. You might have made major strides in one area of your life, but if your focus is on the bigger change, you might not take the time to recognize how far you have come.

I used to completely write off the positive things I had achieved during the day and concentrate on the negative areas. But once I started to actively recognize my little success every day, I built more confidence and excitement. These two feelings are much more motivating than the feeling of not being good enough.

Connect Back to Your Why 

If you find you are forcing yourself to do something, you may have forgotten about why you wanted to do it in the first place.

Daily actions can feel mundane and futile. A daily writing session might feel unimportant and like it doesn’t really matter in the bigger scheme of things. But if you can connect that daily writing session to the bigger vision of writing a book, or an even bigger vision of changing someone’s life through your words, you will start to feel more motivated.

If you find yourself saying “I should” do something or “I have to” do something, I encourage you to take a pause. Before you force yourself into action, try one of these approaches instead.

Tapping into your own internal motivation can help you sustain action and create more transformation in your life.


Mercy Tyra Murengu
A 15 times award-winning Multimedia journalist accredited by the Media Council of Kenya.

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    1. I used to write, then i felt it is not worth. I never had the bigger picture. I think I should go back.

      1. Writing is a great experience. It helps you talk about the world and gives you a chance to express what you feel about everything in it.

        1. Well said

      2. Give it a shot!It is one way of expressing one’s feelings.Remember, sharing is caring.

    2. Good stuff Mercy!

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