Wameru Hatutapumua? Miraa Whisky, Guarana, Juice And Energy Drink Coming Up…

Wameru Hatutapumua? Miraa Whisky, Guarana, Juice And Energy Drink Coming Up... Photo Courtesy
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Wameru Tumefikiwa. Miraa Whisky, Guarana, Juice And Energy Drink Coming Up…

If you have a friend who comes from the land of “green gold” Miraa, then you can attest that Miraa is a loved commodity chewed by many during their leisure time.

The pleasure that comes with consuming Khat can only be explained to someone who has tasted it.

Most people chew Miraa in accompaniment of nuts or chewing gum. But have you ever thought of Miraa coming in form of a drink?

I mean miraa juice, miraa energy drink, or miraa fine whisky or wine? If this ever crossed your mind, then call yourself a “miracle baby”.

Wameru Hatutapumua? Miraa Whisky, Guarana, Juice And Energy Drink Coming Up… Photo Courtesy

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Agriculture announced a new direction as far as miraa is concerned, value addition.

Starting soon, you will now be able to enjoy khat, not just a plant.

During a National Miraa Scientific Conference in Nairobi, the Ministry of Agriculture showcased whisky, wine, ‘guarana, juice, and energy drink produced from miraa; all of which are part of value addition for the stimulant.

Speaking at the conference jointly organized by the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) and the Meru County Government, Interior CS Dr. Fred Matiang’i announced plans to set up an intergovernmental committee to address issues hampering the growth of the miraa industry in a bid to promote exports.

Matiang’i pointed out that the continued treatment of miraa as a drug by the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) has been the greatest impediment in the sector’s growth.

The Interior CS promised that the government would provide infrastructural support to expand the growth of the miraa sector.

“With the setting up of a research institution, we will put resources… I’m seeing miraa wine and juice. The focus is to ensure miraa farmers and traders have enhanced opportunities and markets and hence more income. That is how poverty will be fought,” said the CS.

“It is our responsibility to support product development and market development.”

The Interior CS said he will also speak to NACADA to stop harassing Miraa traders and to see if there are any basis to their claims of the product being a drug.

Matiang’i also called for the inclusion of miraa discussions in bilateral talks when heads of state and government visit the country to expand the market for the farmers.

“When we have these visiting heads of other government, we should include miraa in the discussions So that we stop bastardizing miraa trade.  We need to do more in terms of marketing and urging other countries to open up for miraa trade,” he said.

The National Miraa Scientific Conference focuses on research-based evidence on the impact of miraa on health, society, and the economy.

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