Waiguru’s Homes On Fire’

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Waiguru’s Homes And Offices In Nairobi Raided In Graft Probe

Thursday morning, EACC officials raided Waiguru’s homes over abuse of office claims. The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission confirmed they had a warrant to investigate the governor over alleged graft claims.

Earlier on June 10th, EACC Central Regional Manager Charles Rasungu noted that the cases involve a number of tenders allegedly influenced by Waiguru.

During her impeachment, documents cited claimed that she was awarded monies amounting to Ksh10 Million that were not official.

EACC CEO Twalib Mbarak also retaliated saying the monies were spent on non-existent trips adding that “EACC is in the process of establishing whether the trips were actually undertaken and whether the documents were genuine,”

The commission is also investigating 38 officers from Kirinyaga County Government who are expected to record statements.

The MCA’s who earlier appeared before the Moses Kajwang led committee have since continued to question Waiguru’s style of leadership.

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