Unforgivable Secrets You Shouldn’t Keep From Your Partner

Unforgivable Secrets You Shouldn't Keep From Your Partner
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Unforgivable Secrets You Shouldn’t Keep From Your Partner

Lovers don’t keep secrets from each other. The rule of communication and honesty in relationships ensures that there are some unforgivable things you shouldn’t hide from your significant other.

“People say that arguments can be healthy in a relationship, but it all comes down to how you argue. Successful relationships survive because people rein themselves in at that moment.”

  1. Health Conditions

STIs are a given, but it is also important to discuss other health conditions either you or your family members have. “If you know about a serious genetic disease, your partner has to know that.” Of course, things like mental health disorders are also important to disclose, if your partner doesn’t already know.

  1. Finances

Your S/O deserves to know if you are in debt before you move in together. Talk about things like credit history, loans, or even if you are providing financial assistance to other family members.

Unforgivable Secrets You Shouldn’t Keep From Your Partner

  1. Children

If you have children with another person, at this point, your partner should know. But things like putting a child up for adoption in the past is also something you may want to disclose — the child could show up in your future.

  1. Major Career plans

Dating or getting married means that your lives and goals merge into one. Your career moves will have an impact on each other so this isn’t something to hide.

For instance, if you know you’re planning to move to a new country for work or school, let them know early. It’s not fair to just mention it when you’ve already decided and started planning for it, or when you’re in the last stages before relocating.

This is a topic you need to discuss so you can know the way forward before plans begin.

  1. Life

Most importantly, I think a common issue for couples is becoming adversarial in their lives together. It’s important to let each other into one another’s fears, celebrations and doubts. Even if you have temptations of cheating, this is something you shouldn’t keep to yourself. (Shuts down my computer)


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