Uhuru On Labour Day “Buy Kenya, Build Kenya”

If we buy Kenya, we will build Kenya. And Kenya is each and every one of us. This must form the baseline of our survival strategy
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The president’s emphasis to build back our economy

While celebrating the 2020 labour day in an extraordinary circumstance, President Uhuru Kenyatta has asked for togetherness during this unprecedented time to save Kenya’s economy

Uhuru says “If we buy Kenya, we will build Kenya. And Kenya is each and every one of us. This must form the baseline of our survival strategy”

He added that in order to flatten the curve of joblessness, we must embrace our Kenyan imperfections.  This is by embracing that which is Kenyan.

Kenyans have been urged to commit to taking all their holidays in Kenya for the next year by visiting our hotels and parks, and every corner of our country to rescue our tourism sector.

President Uhuru Kenyatta

To save jobs in our manufacturing sector, we must shed some of our long-held prejudices against Kenyan made products and embrace them. This is by buying what we make, whether it is cooking oil, soap, sufurias, spoons, bicycles, furniture, or locally assembled cars.

Uhuru adding that we should promote our textile sector.  “We now know that a face mask from Kitui is just as good as or better than that from any other part of the world. If we can buy these face masks for our protection, why not other items of clothing?” He asked

If we buy Kenya, we will build Kenya. 

Those in the transport sector have also been applauded through the measures they have taken so far on hygiene and discipline in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

The president says “Let your buses and matatus be clean, treat your passengers with the respect that they deserve, charge them fairly, and, above all, keep them safe.”

Uhuru recognized the steady leadership of the labour movement under Francis Atwoli saying he has done well in steering our relationship as workers, unions, and government and the unions.

Felicity Gitonga
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