Uhuru; “No Masks No Service” Mandatory Wearing Of Masks

Bars to Close by 9 PM and Curfew Extended. Photo Courtesy
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Bars to Close by 9 PM and Curfew Extended

President Uhuru Kenyatta has today addressed the nation after protocols and guidelines that were previously eased were reviewed.

The national wide curfew has been extended up to 3rd January 2021 while the curfew will be enforced between 10 pm and 4 am starting tonight 4th November 2020 with all bars, restaurants, and other establishments open to the public ordered to close by 9 pm.

Bars to Close by 9 PM and Curfew Extended. Photo Courtesy

The classes that have already resumed learning have been ordered to continue with the learning under heightened safety measures. The basic education classes are expected to resume in-person learning in January 2021.

All political gatherings and rallies have been suspended for a period of 60 days which will take effect immediately.  

The directions governing religious gatherings remain unchanged with any indoor religious gathering other than for the purpose of wedding or funeral, shall have no more than one-third of its normal sitting capacity occupied.

The president has urged politicians to lead by example and asked them to help in combating the deadly virus COVID-19. He has also asked the media to be at the forefront in educating the masses about the reality of the disease to save the country from the burden.

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