Tribes with Most Unfaithful Men In Kenya

Tribes with Most Unfaithful Men In Kenya. Photo Courtesy
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Tribes with Most Unfaithful Men In Kenya

You even took a guess before reading tribes in Kenya whose men rule the mpango wa Kando industry.


I am not surprised when they say Luo is not a tribe but a lifestyle. Luo men love living a high life and are known of treating their ladies like real queens. But abeggoo, he will treat you like a queen, drop you home in his Benz, and then pass by his mpangos home na hutafanya kitu.


Gaki gaki! Just observe a Kisii man in your apartment and count how many tall, short, size 8, plus size are spending in that house one after another. I am not telling you to be a snitch. You will prove it right.


These men really enjoy the services of mpango wa kando. They will join gym just to have their bodies perfectly fit to attract more ladies. But remember what gym does on the lower side of a man’s stronghold? Run my sister.

Tribes with Most Unfaithful Men In Kenya. Photo Courtesy

Cheating in marriage is almost becoming a social norm in the country and it’s not unusual to find a lady who confidently dates someone’s husband. Even with this, men who have been in a marriage for five or more years are the most likely to seek an alternative partner or rather mpango wa kando.

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