They Call Me Our In-Law …

They Call Me Our In-Law … Photo Courtesy
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They Call Me Our In-Law …

I do not who needs to hear this but after God fear the sons of Abraham. My fellow daughters of Jezebel, have you ever dated someone who is cheating on you, his friends are aware but you are the only one who thinks that your man is Angel Gabriel who fell in your life like manna from heaven?

In many cases, men we date can make us look ridiculous in front of their families and friends.

I vividly remember how I would take my Kikuyu Kiondo that a friend gifted me during my birthday and head to the market to get those favorite bananas to make “my in-laws” a matoke meal they preferred at my home.

Ouch! The feeling cannot be fathomed. How I listened to Samidoh and Joyce Wamama “ Wendo Wi Cama” and “Mumbi”. I mean, because why not? I was making my in-law’s best meal and I wouldn’t want my bonga points to be less.

How they stormed our house one by one calling me all the sweet names: you know they can really be actors and actresses. Our in-law, he has never loved hivi, what did you give him?, Ruracio issa must.

I mean, that title alone (Our in-law) is enough to make a woman who is ready for marriage dance before her guests in full traditional attire and whistle louder than a herdsman directing his cattle.

They Call Me Our In-Law … Photo Courtesy

His best friend made me feel like I was the only woman my man had ever dated and I would accelerate the trust thinking that I was on a superhighway.

Little did I know I was in Gathonzweni feeder road-hitting hard the rocks with my two giggling avocadoes straining in their bra cups. Machoos!

This particular day I realized that my man loved another woman made me feel like a slay queen in a walk of shame. Perhaps, it’s because we’re not officially married.

The most painful bit is that all these friends and relatives I entertained knew about the other woman but still made me feel like the only one when they visited.

How I walked all over the house ensuring both their plates and glasses were never empty. Sometimes I wish I could turn back time and put some salt in their tea, but on second thought, let them live with the good memories I created for them.

I am familiar with the polygamy law but to you men who cheat on your women, remember: cheat on a good woman and karma will make sure you end up with the bitch you deserve.

To the friends and relatives of our men, who know about the other woman and you still give false hopes to us, remember you will just be going down with him.

I am married and expecting a baby in a few months. My favorite person who never played with my feelings is going to be a father.

What a world!

Felicity Gitonga
Felicity Gitonga is the founder of Africa Business News. abn, freelance writer, journalist, and author with a passion for telling stories.

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  1. Ooops! Sad reality…the worst is,if you are asked,”who asked you to do all that for us”,the answer will be “nobody”…machooos!Unalilianga hapo Kathonzweni junction 😂😂😂

  2. Lakini karma anakujia hawa sons of Abraham, hatabisha!

  3. This one is on another level 😂 …Gathonzweni feeder road-hitting hard the rocks with my two giggling avocadoes straining in their bra cups…
    But they can’t tell you about the other woman it’s not their place to say it.

    1. Boy code maintained at 150% level… Bora Uhai

  4. Unfortunately,the reality dawns when lotta damage has happened

    1. True story… This is happening to a lot of people…

  5. Great piece .

    1. Thank you, Miss Glory.

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