Supreme Court Upholds Ruto’s Win As President

Supreme Court Upholds Ruto’s Win As President
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Breaking News; Supreme Court Upholds Ruto’s Win As President  

The Supreme Court Judges led by Chief Justice Marthe Koome have delivered their ruling after they retreated on Friday to deliberate on the submissions made during the hearing of the presidential petition filed by Raila Odinga.

According to CJ Martha Koome the reaction following the declaration of the 9th August elections shows that IEBC has not yet garnered universal public confidence in the management of elections.

Here is what the Supreme Court Finds.

Despite the IEBC publicly availing the results ONLY on the 22nd of August, the technology it deployed for the conduct of the 2022 general elections met the standards of integrity, verifiability, security, and transparency to guarantee accurate and verifiable results.

The supreme court noted there is no credible evidence of tampering with the uploading of forms 34A to the public portal.

“The evidence presented by counsel Julie Soweto proved to be nothing more than hot hair.” Martha Koome

There is no credible evidence that the postponement of the election in Mombasa, Kakamega, Rongai, and five other areas across the country caused voter suppression.

There is no credible evidence of unexplained discrepancies between votes cast in various elective positions across the country and those cast in favor of the president. Fraud must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

Apart from the 11th-hour denunciation of the verification process, the four commissioners have not shown any evidence that the election was compromised.

The Supreme Court is satisfied that notwithstanding the divisions apparent between the chair and the 4 commissioners, IEBC carried out the verification, tallying, and declaration of results in accordance with articles 138 (3C) and (10) of the constitution.

Supreme Court Upholds Ruto’s Win As President


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