Size 8 Trolled For Casting Out Demons

Size 8 Trolled For Casting Out Demons
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Size 8 Trolled For Casting Out Demons

In a video that has gone viral on social media platforms and especially on twitter, netizens are not into terms with size 8 casting out demons.

Most of the netizens say she has not yet qualified to cast out demons. But, were disciples of Jesus not casting out demons on behalf of Jesus? “Asking for many”

Size 8 Trolled For Casting Out Demons

Here are some of the comments from the video posted on twitter,


Her spiritual power is still at a childs level.Where did she get the annointing from?In the kingdom we dont negotiate with demons.Ameshinda tu hes a pastor.Satan is not a respector of titles.Size 8 rudi studio achana na huduma


Oooooooooooooooooh! Churches! Ooooooh! Religion…sad!! Total Nonsense …nkt!


Did I hear “you demon you will not sumbua us ” ,someone please confirm that


Thou it’s a church but it sounds Fake, the only business with no experience. Aki pesa wewe


Commercialised churches!!! Joke of the decade


Stop judging her. Let us understand that she is new to the game. Soon she will be doing it so well that you won’t realize it’s scripted.


Religion has now become a Business and the poor are the ones busy sinking in investing into churches for future prosperity. Sad


Some of the reasons why most people are dropping out of church. Everything In church is scripted for fame

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