Signs Of Non-Physical Abusive Relationship

Signs Of Non-Physical Abusive Relationship
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Signs Of Non-Physical Abusive Relationship

These are some of the things, besides physical violence that suggests your significant other might be abusive. He or she is always making a fuss about things you don’t understand.

Your unhappiness doesn’t matter, or they contribute to it

Often abusers are unwilling to listen to why you’re unhappy or will tell you that it doesn’t matter. He or she may also put you down, say you you’re stupid and unattractive or that no one else will love you.

This is emotional abuse and can affect your confidence and self-esteem. If you’re not allowed to do the things you want or feel isolated from family and friends, talk to someone who can help.

Signs Of Non-Physical Abusive Relationship

Your partner mingles intimidation tactics with pleas for sympathy.

They demand passwords to your devices, read your emails and messages, interrogate you and insist on knowing your whereabouts.

Some abusers threaten to hurt children or pets. The mere thought is frightening enough. You walk on eggshells, knowing your personal space might be intruded upon anytime, with no idea what might trigger an outburst.

Often throw temper tantrums, yelling, insulting or hitting you.

Your words get twisted so it’s all your fault and somehow you always end up in the wrong. You say you’re always on edge. Maybe you even feel scared sometimes?

Probably you’re never sure how the night might end and you find yourself making excuses to other people for your boyfriend’s behaviour. Trying not to do anything that might make him angry. Always doing what he wants instead of what you’d like.

You can’t do the things you want to do

In a healthy relationship, there’s an acceptance from both people that an important part of a relationship is the need for independence, as well as doing things together, such as having your own interests or separate friends.

If you feel like you’re not able to have these things or have needed to give them up to please your partner or to avoid their bad behaviour, this may be a sign of an abusive relationship.

They blame you for their behaviour

There is no excuse for domestic abuse but often abusers will blame other things. For example, they might say it’s because they had too much to drink or had taken drugs.

They may also try to diminish what’s happening saying you deserved it or that because they didn’t hit you, it’s not abuse. They may even pretend it didn’t happen.

For this reason, it can take a long time for some people to recognise they are experiencing domestic abuse. The truth is, there is no excuse for any kind of abuse and it’s the victim’s fault. The abuser is responsible for the way they choose to behave.

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