Shocking Details Of MaDVD’s Earthquake

Shocking Details Of MaDVD’s Earthquake. Photo Courtesy
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Shocking Details Of MaDVD’s Earthquake

Musalia Mudavadi: This is why I want to be President

Amani National Congress Leader Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi announced Sunday that he would seek to be Kenya’s fifth president in the August general elections.

And he wants Kenyans to accord him the chance to lead the country promising better leadership compared to others who have offered themselves for the position.

Mudavadi describes himself as a focused, level-headed, visionary, truly patriotic, and selfless leader.

Shocking Details Of MaDVD’s Earthquake. Photo Courtesy

And that’s not all. The ANC boss says Kenyans can trust him, particularly because he has ‘clean hands, and experience.’

“I want to reclaim the trust and soul of our country.  I ask Kenyans to trust me. I come with clean hands and practical solutions.” he declared during his party’s National Delegates Convention (NDC) held at the Bomas of Kenya, Nairobi

“I offer trust; trust that I will always tell Kenyans the truth, do what I say and not promise what I cannot do.” he said

Top on his agenda, he says, is economic recovery. The ANC leader says he has a track record in this regard. Having served in different Cabinet portfolios for 19 years in various government ministries, Mudavadi says he knows what ails the country’s economy and therefore understands how to fix it.

As minister of Finance (1993-1997), Mudavadi says he helped restore macro-economic stability that spurred Kenya’s growth following high inflation after the 1992 elections.

As an example, he says he established the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to protect domestic revenue from being stolen.

What’s more, Mudavadi says he made the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) an independent entity, therefore closing avenues of graft under foreign exchange controls regime. Courtesy of these reforms, he says Kenya’s lenders came back, and the economy was soon back on its feet.

“In 1993 Kenya was an international pariah. Bilateral and multilateral lenders shunned us, because borrowed foreign money had gone down corrupt throats, just like now.”

“Economy recovery is not a touch-and-go affair. I desire to lead a change back to economic prosperity.” He said

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