Ruto On What Is Ailing Kenya.

Ruto On What Is Ailing Kenya. Photo Courtesy
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Ruto  On What Is Ailing Kenya

Talking to Citizen TV, the Deputy President said that said the problem of Kenya is not the constitution but the elephant in the country is the economy: this is what Kenya is suffering from.

Ruto On What Is Ailing Kenya. Photo Courtesy

Remembering The Kibaki era, the DP recounted the amount of tax that was collected then compared to the tax collected now. The Dp said that the political conversation should always mention the ordinary people, which means sorting out people at the bottom of the pyramid.

This can be achieved by reforming the housing program and providing money to change the configuration of Small and medium-sized enterprises or small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). These are businesses whose personnel numbers fall below certain limits.

“We must inspire, finance, reform the whole tax arrangement so that everybody carries a proportional burden of what he or she earns,” The DP said

While giving an example of a mama mboga who pays monthly total cash of  Ksh 500 for her NHIF which is 8 percent of her assumed Ksh 6,000 is saddening.

“I pay Ksh 1700 for my NHIF which is not even the 8percent of my salary. If I was to pay 8 percent of it as the mama mboga does, this means I would be paying Ksh 112,000 to be at per with that hustler”

This means that we should apply the Bottom-Up approach by bringing down the interest rates, inspiring enterprise, and change the tax regime.

While recalling the Keroche Breweries Limited saga when police invaded the place, the DP said we should not be fighting private enterprises instead we should be longing to collaborate with them for a better Kenya.

“We need to get police out of the management of our economy,” He said with a lot of concern

All said and done, economy, corruption, and crime top concerns in Kenya.

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