You Are In A Situationship Because…

You Are In A Situationship Because…Photo Courtesy

You Are In A Situationship Because…

Situationship is mostly used to describe friends with benefits or people who are essentially dating but don’t say they’re dating or refer to the other person as their boyfriend/girlfriend/partner.

Situationships are also sometimes thought of as emotional booty calls because there are likely more feelings involved than just a cut-and-dry friend-with-benefits.

If you haven’t defined the relationship yet but are still sleeping with each other/cuddling/hanging out in a non-platonic way, you might be in a situationship.

Not all situationships’ are ruthless or toxic because some come exactly when you need them.

It’s not what your parents or friends think, it’s about what makes you happy. Sometimes making big steps in a shaky relationship can ruin a beautiful thing.

You Are In A Situationship Because…Photo Courtesy

Recently it seems like situationships are also on the rise, according to several relationship experts and therapists. “People don’t want to feel alone during this unprecedented time,” they say

The only way you can really know how they feel about the relationship is by having an open candid conversation with a “friend with benefits”. Talk about your feelings and what you would want differently.

Remember, you can’t expect your partner to commit overnight. If they have reasons as to why they prefer keeping things light, it’s best you respect their needs.

You can’t force a person to meet you halfway when they aren’t ready. If they need time to put their life together and you can wait, the better for both of you.

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