Why Ladies Hate Dating Light Skinned Men…

Why Ladies Hate Dating Light Skinned Men… Photo Courtesy

Why Ladies Hate Dating Light Skinned Men…

Each and every woman has her own taste in men. While some like them dark, others prefer the light-skinned ones.

That’s fine, there is no fuss over that, but who came up with this parameter and stereotype, convincing three-quarters of us that beauty is measured by skin color?

Preferably light skin?

Why Ladies Hate Dating Light Skinned Men… Photo Courtesy

Here are the six concrete reasons why ladies do not like dating light-skinned guys:

Most of them are spoiled mama’s boys

The discussion among Kenyan girls is that a majority of light-skinned guys are spoiled and they are mom’s pretty boys. They are too soft for a typical African man, thanks to their mothers. Ladies, don’t be too shocked when you find out your mother-in-law knows about your bedroom affairs.  He doesn’t know how to keep his life private without involving his mother. He also seeks his mother’s approval in everything. Ladies want a decisive man this type of dude.

Too much pampering

My goodness, these light-skinned men feel so delicate and therefore should be handled like eggs. They also expect you to treat them like their mothers, like connecting with them emotionally, being at their beck and call, give them a shoulder to lean on when need be, surprise them and the list goes on. Dear brown skin man, this Nairobi is not your home. Pack and leave.  No mature woman will go in that direction.

They attract unnecessary attention

“Awwwwh he’s so cute.” REALLY? These kinds of guys attract attention, especially from the opposite s3x. This is because everyone thinks light people define the word beauty, unlike their darker counterparts. No woman likes to feel like they are competing for their man and with this whole attention from the women, the relationship becomes shaky.

Multiple partners

Due to their noticeable skin color, these guys get noticed by women regardless of age, looks, and wealth. The women fall hard for them and will do anything just to have them close. Due to this, the guys play along in exchange for favors. This explains why they keep different girlfriends in almost every estate in Nairobi.

Why Ladies Hate Dating Light Skinned Men… Photo Courtesy

Light –skin men are too weak and emotional

Ladies want a strong typical African man, who can kill a lion.  A man, who is in control of his emotions, takes charge and provides a sense of security. Most of the “yellow” guys are the exact opposite, too soft and “woiyee” and they tend to show their emotions through their skin color.


These types of men attract all sorts of females, dark, light, tall, short, sassy, and rich, and due to this, they fall prey to women who provide or cater for their needs. They tend to relax and wait for their daily bread on a silver platter. A mature woman wants a guy who fends for himself and provides for his family not the other way round.

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