Kahawa Wendani The Home Of…

Kahawa Wendani The Home Of… Photo Courtesy

Kahawa Wendani The Home Of…

Even the word itself describes the small hood. “Wendani” a place of loving each other…

The gentrification of Kahawa Wendani occasioned by the new money of the recent riches and the recently minted millennial millionaires have transformed this area into a mingling bedroom.

The hood is full of young people who most are Kenyatta University students or alumni of the said institution. Here, everybody is trying to make ends meet. But alas! The mingling perhaps is one of their hobbies.

Kahawa Wendani The Home Of… Photo Courtesy

The rate at which guys exchange boyfriends and girlfriends here is worrying. Perhaps the notion about HIV/AIDS here is (ni ugonjwa tu kama malaria).

I am at the rooftop catching up with the sunset just opposite a newly constructed building. It is beautiful watching from an aerial view what’s happening on the ground.

All I can see is two by two and I wonder if Noah’s ark is being refilled once more. Uber drivers showing up one after the other. Talk of my dream cars just taking turns on the beautiful gate. Oh! what a suite!

I grab my phone and check my Instagram. Guess what I see? Kahawa Wendani trending… People exposing what happens in the hood… Should I call it prostitution? A better word of your choice would fit.

Short, tall, melanin, caramel, skinny, thick are all here. Seems like the buy one get two free phrase in these apartments is common.

I mind my business but these young people should always remember that what goes around comes around. Choose your struggle!

Felicity Gitonga

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  1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Wendani is one big bedroom

    1. They have proven this…

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