4 Kenyan Tribes With Honeyed And Faithful Men

5 Kenyan Tribes With Honeyed And Faithful Men. Photo Courtesy

4  Kenyan Tribes With Honeyed And Faithful Men


It is hard to find a Kamba man with a side-chick” unless he is possessed. A Kamba brother’s ideal date is a tour of Uhuru Park. He and his date will marvel at the waters and be mesmerized by the revelers enjoying boat rides. Water is a very rare commodity back home, hence the excitement. Bora uhai!


Most Kikuyu men view women as a liability. If he happens to get one, he sticks like glue to her until something that he does not have control over happens, like death. The only other thing that can separate a Kikuyu man from his wife might be wealth disputes. Generally, 60 percent of Kikuyu’s are faithful.

5 Kenyan Tribes With Honeyed And Faithful Men. Photo Courtesy


Kalenjin men generally fear approaching women, which happens to be an advantage to their spouses. They are ranked third in relation to the most faithful men in Kenya. If you happen to be approached by a Kalenjin man who is into tradition, you should probably accept the proposal because he won’t cheat on you. Wuuueh! Kama unajinauwo, unajinauwo.


Well apart from the old Maasai men who were into polygamy, the young generation is not. This new generation of men has respect for their wives and does everything to protect them.

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