Sub Dividing Imenti South Sub-County In Meru Wrangles 

Sub Dividing Imenti South Sub-County In Meru Wrangles 

Wrangles have emerged among Imenti South residents in Meru County over the creation of new constituencies according to BBI proposals.

Imenti south is supposed to get an additional sub-county leading to a new constituency in the area.

In a meeting held at Igoji by the youths from Igoji, the youths said that they support the proposed constitution boundary where Nkuene and Mitunguu wards remain as Nkuene – Mitunguu and also as a constituency.

They said those who are pushing for the new sub-county to cut across through Abogeta and Igoji wards do not understand the history of Imenti south and that they should desist from misleading people.

Sub Dividing Imenti South Sub-County In Meru Wrangles

The youths said they wholly support the BBI proposal to have an additional sub-county sprinted from Imenti South is a wise decision but their feeling is that instead of being joined with Abogeta and Igoji wards, they should remain as Nkuene – Mitunguu which is their original mother home.

The youths criticized their political leaders who are proposing that the Igoji become together with Abogeta adding that for a long time they have been co-existing together as brothers and sisters from their friends from the upper side of Nkubu.

Residents want Imenti South Sub-county to be subdivided into two whereby some of the residents are proposing that Mitunguu ward remains in Nkuene while others want the sub-division to be done in a way that Mitunguu ward become a part of Abogetha and Igoji.

What remains is on how the leaders from Meru will play their cards and on if the BBI which proposes creation of an additional sub-county come constituency will pass.

Felicity Gitonga

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