“Stop Complaining About High Taxes” Cyrus Oguna Tells Kenyans

Cyrus Oguna Asks Kenyans To Stop Complaining About High Taxes

Gov’t spokesperson Cyrus Oguna urges Kenyans to stop complaining about high taxes

Government Spokesperson Col. Cyrus Oguna has downplayed the ongoing public outcry over the high cost of living occasioned by increased taxation.

In a press briefing on Tuesday, Oguna asked Kenyans to stop complaining but instead “stand firm” and support the government by paying taxes.

He pointed out that the government is not a business entity, adding that the government depends on its citizens to meet its obligations including payment of salaries and development agenda.

Cyrus Oguna Asks Kenyans To Stop Complaining About High Taxes

“Serikali haifanyi biashara. Serikali ina jukumu lakuweza kupeana huduma. Kuna polisi, wanajeshi, watumishi wauma kama sisi ambao lazima tulipwe. Kuna barabara, hospitali na shule ambazo lazima ziwepo,” said Oguna.

He added that Kenyans should know that even in developed countries, citizens pay even higher taxes.

“The amount of taxes those people in Europe pay is nothing compared to what we are paying here. So we are crying when we should not cry. We should be standing firm and support our government. Let’s not cry all the time,” said Oguna.

The situation is expected to get no better, this after the government last week announced a huge rise in the cost of fuel which is expected to have a substantial impact on the cost of living.

Meanwhile, Oguna also announced that the government is in the process of phasing out the current National IDs, urging Kenyans to pick their Huduma cards.

He said the government has already sent out 4.5 million mobile phone messages urging various individuals to collect their cards.

“The government has been able to release 4.5 million messages. The card is ready please select your preferred location where it will be delivered.
Only half of 4.5 million have been responded to. The ID card will be phased out as soon as the degazetement of the national ID is carried out. That will be carried out by the minister some time towards the end of the year or next year at an appropriate time that will be communicated to you,” he said.

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