5 Red Flags.Why Your Relationship Won’t Make It Down The Aisle

5 Red Flags.Why Your Relationship Won’t Make It Down The Aisle

5 Red Flags.Why Your Relationship Won’t Make It Down The Aisle

As much as the world is changing its views on marriage and relationships, many people still dream of walking down the aisle one day. There are those who wouldn’t mind being in long-term relationships, but nothing can provide the same peace and security as a solid marriage.

Despite the desire for many to get hitched, we’re seeing more breakups and divorces now more than ever.

This disappointing reality makes one wonder if their relationship will end up being one of those that don’t last.

If you fall under that category of worriers, you might have every reason to especially if these five points describe your relationship. Be on the lookout for these big warning signs.

5 Red Flags.Why Your Relationship Won’t Make It Down The Aisle

  • You’re moving without purpose

It’s better to be open about what your expectations are even before you start a romantic relationship with someone. The most dangerous thing you can do is have a ‘go with the flow’ attitude because one-day things will fall apart after years of being in a ‘situationship’.

Start by working on yourself to be marriage material so that by the time you meet someone with the same mindset, you will move towards the goal of getting married.

  • You ignore red flags

Pretending that you can’t see the red flags in the person you’re dating is a guarantee that you won’t make it down the aisle. And if you do manage to get married, it probably won’t be a healthy relationship.

Avoid wasting time the moment you notice something you can’t compromise on. Those red flags will only get worse with time and you’re the one who will end up getting heartbroken.

  • You only prioritize yourself

Many people make the mistake of assuming that a relationship is about their own happiness a hundred percent of the time. You do need to feel fulfilled when you’re in a relationship but most of it is about making sacrifices especially if you want to be married.

Find someone whose happiness is your happiness and vice versa. If there is no balance, you will reach a point where you’re both not happy anymore and you might not get past the engagement milestone.

  • You have completely different goals

It’s natural to change your perspective on life as you grow older. You didn’t have the same mindset when you were a teenager and you won’t necessarily have the exact same mindset in the future.

When it comes to relationships, couples often grow apart even when you were happy when you got together. If you’re not moving in the same direction anymore, walking down the aisle isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

You should openly communicate with your partner so that you can realign your relationship or even better, be with someone who already understands your perspective from the get-go.

  • The love isn’t genuine

You can tell when you have that natural connection with someone and when you don’t. There are times when people get into relationships out of convenience or as a result of selfish desires and those types of relationships never last.

If you know that you’re in a relationship where the love doesn’t feel right or genuine, don’t risk going forward.


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