Mimi Sina Beef Na Ruto… Atwoli Claims.

Mimi Sina Beef Na Ruto… Atwoli Claims. Photo Courtesy

I don’t have a personal problem with DP Ruto, Atwoli says.

Deputy President William Ruto will not be the 5th President of Kenya but he will be elected in the future, COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli has said.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with KBC Channel 1, Atwoli said Ruto is a hardworking person, a shrewd politician, a mover of masses, and stands a better chance in future elections but not in 2022.

Atwoli however says it’s too early to predict who will succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta saying the unity of Kenyans as we head to the elections is the most important factor.

He said he doesn’t have a personal problem with the Deputy President saying they only differ on ideologies.

Mimi Sina Beef Na Ruto… Atwoli Claims. Photo Courtesy

“The only problem we had is when they ascended into the Presidency, Dp Ruto summoned us as COTU, they had good plans for NSSF and I was sitting on its board, when we looked into his plans we said we may lose billions and billions of workers money so I said no,” He said.

Atwoli says the disagreement led to his removal from the board. “They started micromanaging NSSF, they have destroyed NHIF, they have dished out Kenyatta National Hospital land illegally, we should improve institutions not destroy them.”

Atwoli describes Ruto as a man who wants to have his cake and eat it.

“DP Ruto thinks it’s either him or no one else, I said he would never be President long before he took on his boss. When you want something by force you end up not getting it,” He said.

He says Kenya needs a leader who will resuscitate the economy, who will not be led by vengeance and revenge. A leader who will unite Kenyans by bringing together those who opposed him saying peace is the ultimate goal.

And while he has moved on from BBI, Atwoli is quick to point out that the initiative was not about creating positions but ending polarization during and after elections as well as increasing resources to Counties.

He says Kenya has huge potential, decrying the collapse of manufacturing companies like KIKOMI, Rivatex, Panpaper among others.

The labour union enthusiast says he is retiring from the movement after over 50 years of service.
“I am retiring after this term, I will retreat to the village and lead a quiet life probably teach catechism to the young ones. I have trained people who can now take over COTU and lead into the next phase,” He said.

His parting shot, “Fix politics and the economy will thrive.”


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