Maraga Exits: CJ Phelomena Mwilu Takes Over In Acting Capacity

Maraga Exits: CJ Phelomena Mwilu Takes Over In Acting Capacity

Maraga Exits: CJ Phelomena Mwilu Takes Over In Acting Capacity

Speaking during a special court proceeding in his honour Monday, Maraga urged his colleagues in the Judiciary not to waver and do the wrong thing which may cause the country to descend into chaos.

Maraga handed over the instruments of power to Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu who will hold the position in an acting capacity until a substantive Chief Justice is appointed.

“My fellow colleagues and judges, the people of Kenya have bestowed upon you to be the guardians of our constitution, to uphold the rule of law. Politicians have no better power than those with judicial authority, do not let Kenyans down, stand up & do the right thing. Do the right thing, God and the people of Kenya will defend you.” He said

He took the time to assure Kenyans that he has left a strong Judiciary with dedicated and professional judges and urged the wanainchi to support the judges and magistrates.

Maraga Exits: CJ Phelomena Mwilu Takes Over In Acting Capacity

“We must continue to invest in our judiciary, bearing in mind political stability in this country can only be guaranteed if rule of law reigns. Without rule of law in this country, we will all be losers” He added.

He thanked the JSC, Executive, and legislature for the work they have accomplished as he retires

Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu will step in as the acting Chief Justice for a period not exceeding six months pending the appointment of a new Chief Justice as provided by section 5 of the Judicial Service Act.

After being in office for exactly five years, Chief Justice David Maraga reign at the helm of the judiciary finally comes to a close Monday.

Maraga’s tenure in the office however drawing mixed reactions from across the divide with some arguing that it was marked by judiciary budgetary cuts, subsequent pubic fights between the judiciary with the executive among other challenges.

Others of the contrary opinion insist that outgoing Chief Justice David Maraga did his best under the circumstances and will be remembered for the historic nullification of presidential election results in 2017 and significantly reducing the number of cases pending in the court system among other achievements in his tenure.

Maraga becomes the country’s 14th Chief Justice and the second under the new constitution after taking over office in 2016 following the early retirement of his predecessor, Willy Mutunga.


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