I Am No One’s ‘Project’: Muturi Insists.

 I Am No One’s ‘Project’: Muturi Insists. Photo Courtesy

 I Am No One’s ‘Project’: Muturi Insists.

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has vehemently distanced himself from claims that he was being fronted by some powerful individuals in the race to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Muturi insists he is his own man and is qualified enough to seek the country’s topmost political office.

In fact, he says he doesn’t need to be pushed by anybody to vie for Presidency noting that he will sell his manifesto to the electorate and Kenyans will also judge him based on his track record as the House Speaker.

“We cannot have every time when it comes to election especially the seat of President some names should be dominant. This seat is for everybody and that is why I made an announcement that I will be vying for president,” said Muturi.

I Am No One’s ‘Project’: Muturi Insists. Photo Courtesy

And given the nod to be the country’s fifth Head of State, Muturi promises to hold accountable persons accused of misuse of public resources. And he says every Kenyan including members of the clergy have a huge role in ensuring the culture of corruption is brought to an end.

“I will also insist that the church has a big role to fight corruption and ensure public resources are utilized appropriately,” said Muturi.

At the same time, Muturi said coalition building ahead of next year’s polls should not be done just for the sake of power-sharing. He expressed concern that the ongoing political realignments lack national agenda.

“It’s not just enough to say that you are coalescing, the coalitions should be people-driven.” He said

He was however quick to point out that if there will be a need for him to enter any form of coalition, he will engage those with a high level of integrity.

Reacting to Raila Odinga’s statement that a referendum can be held anytime before the next general election, Muturi said it is highly unlikely to conduct a popular initiative considering the timelines.

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