DCI Boss Kinoti “Firearms Acquired In TV Exposé Don’t Belong To Police”

DCI Boss Kinoti "Firearms Acquired In TV Exposé Don’t Belong To Police". Photo Courtesy

DCI Boss Kinoti “Firearms Acquired In TV Exposé Don’t Belong To Police”

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss George Kinoti, says exposé by Citizen TV dubbed ‘Silaha Mitaani’ and ‘Guns Galore’ was malicious and meant to discredit the entire National Police Service (NPS).

Addressing the press Tuesday at the DCI headquarters, Kinoti noted that none of the guns submitted on Monday to the National Police Service.

In the exposé, it was shown how rogue men in uniform allegedly hire out their guns, uniforms, bulletproof vests, and handcuffs to criminals for as low as Kshs 1,000.

“The attempts to tarnish the entire Service are contemptuous and undermine the efforts made by the over 100,000 police officers who work day and night to keep the country safe. We therefore protest and condemn in the strongest terms the belittling of our men and women offering selfless service.” Said Kinoti

DCI Boss Kinoti “Firearms Acquired In TV Exposé Don’t Belong To Police”. Photo Courtesy

“We would like to note that, NONE of the guns submitted yesterday by Royal Media Services belong to the National Police Service. We can credibly account for each and every firearm held by our officers over the said period, All NPS guns are serialized in a particular manner and our Chief Armourer who is here present will give more details, shortly. Indeed, the NPS has never stocked the exhibited pistol in the report in the entire,” He added

He noted that no effort whatsoever was made to reach the National Police Service or any Government Official in the security sector for their right of reply; to provide clarity or place the matter in proper context, even though the compilation of the report is said to have begun more than a year ago.

” The report’s alleged evidence is itself a direct contradiction of well-known realities within the security sector and breached very sensitive security protocols. There was the need to have sought a response and verification from the government before airing it. Instead, the Royal Media Group chose to fraternize with, and base its report entirely on, the testimony of self-confessed criminals.

Kinoti said that based on the Code of Conduct for Journalists and the Mass Media, the report failed basic tests of journalistic ethics and standards and was slanted in what seemed to be a deliberate, malicious attempt to discredit and humiliate the National Police Service.

“We can only conclude, therefore, that this is also aimed at creating public pandemonium over the management of the security sector. It was not only false but injurious to the stability of the country. This reporting, therefore, amounts to abuse of media freedom as stipulated in the Constitution and the Media Act of Kenya, 2013.” Added the DCI boss

He said the unprecedented reforms within the Police Service have provided a zero-tolerance approach to malpractice of any of the Service Standing Orders including corruption and have also promoted transparency, responsibility, and accountability to citizens.

“The timing and manner of the report, therefore, appears to be an attempt to create tension and disharmony between the police and civilians.” He said

Kinoti said the Inspector General, in consultation with the National Police Service Commission, has never hesitated to take stern and immediate action against any officers found violating the National Police Service Standing Orders.

“The allegations made in the report are extremely serious. It is also apparent that crimes relating to unlawful possession of firearms may have been committed in the context of this report. In this regard, and pursuant to the provisions granted by Section 52 of the National Police Service Act, the Editorial Director, Director Strategy and Innovation and the relevant reporter of Royal Media Services will be summoned to this office to record statements and provide police with further information that will assist information that will assist in the investigation.” Added Kinoti

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