Additional Bursaries In Buuri Constituency

Buuri MP Hon. Rindikiri Mugambi (In pink shirt) during the bursary launch in Timau HQ Offices

Additional Bursaries In Buuri Constituency

Buuri MP Rindikiri Mugambi yesterday in Timau Headquarters offices was joined by parents from all corners of Buuri Constituency to witness the launch of bursaries for students studying outside Buuri Constituency.

While applauding the MP, parents said they were pleased by the MP’s open work that is being done with no discrimination in terms of allocation of bursaries.

One of the parents who was given a chance to address the audience said “The last regime gave us ksh2,000 while Rindikiri’s is now giving each student a total of ksh10,000 for our tertiary students. Indeed, we are pleased and we have no words to express our happiness”

Another one said “Rindikiri is not the hen that lays one egg and then makes announcements to the whole village. He is the cow that produces 30 litres of milk, and feeds the whole village in silence”

The MP also has also lessened the burden for parents by promising them that his team will personally deliver the cheques in schools without each parent and guardian having to travel to various schools.

Buuri MP Hon. Rindikiri Mugambi (In pink shirt) during the bursary launch in Timau HQ Offices

He added “Our wealth is Our Children. Parents, I urge you to take register your children in Technical schools (TVET) as change will only be seen in our society if we educate them. It is here in these schools they acquire skills and later leave to establish themselves.”

Timau headquarters Office is expected to be a place of empowering women through business training, youth empowerment through entertainment and digitalization as computer cases are set to start.

In addition, a recording studio is expected to start functioning for the people of Buuri to showcase their talents.

While commenting on BBI and becoming political, the MP said “It is during the voting year that Mt. Kenya sinks and flattens and later after voting, Mt. Kenya becomes the tallest and hides the people of Mt. Kenya. Stay woke my people”

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