Police Catches a Well Built Water Vendor ‘Chewing’ His Wife.

Police Catches a Well Built Water Vendor ‘Chewing’ His Wife. Photo Courtesy
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Police Catches a Well Built Water Vendor ‘Chewing’ His Wife.

The officer, reportedly stationed in Bungoma and identified as Makori, had suspected that his wife, Mercy, was cheating on him when he was away for work. His fears were made worse when neighbors notified him that his wife was indeed involved in a clandestine affair with Mwangi, a water vendor in Nakuru.

The officer had on several occasions tried to catch his cheating wife in the act with no success as the two executed their evil plans in a well-organized manner. A close friend advised him to contact native doctor Wema Kamaliza to help unravel the puzzle and he obliged.

Makori contacted Daktari Kamaliza who unleashed her spell to net the two ‘thieves’. Barely a week while at his work station, a neighbour notified him that the mother of his three children was stuck in bed with her mpango wa kando; the two were wailing in pain in his house.

Police Catches a Well Built Water Vendor ‘Chewing’ His Wife. Photo Courtesy

The hubby in the company of his two friends left Bungoma at 8 pm for Nakuru; it would take them five hours to arrive. After the tiring drive, Makori and his boys arrived in Nakuru at 0030hrs. The sight of Mwangi on top of his wife disgusted him. He landed on the water vendor with kicks and blows.

Mwangi was, however, rescued by neighbours who intervened but it was evident they had allowed the afande to teach him a tough lesson. Mwangi went on to defend himself that he was not aware that Mercy was married when he visited her home. On her part, Mercy accused her husband of cruelty and not making her happy in bed. The two were later separated after both parties reached an agreement.

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