Okiya Omtatah’s Dream To Priesthood

Okiya Omtata’s Dream To Priesthood
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Okiya Omtatah’s Dream To Priesthood

To change the world, you don’t have to do big things just do the small things that you can do with what you have. This is one of the best pieces of advice Omtata’s grandfather advised him and has worked with it to date.

In an interview, Omkiya says his dreams to priesthood were cut short after falling sick while studying. He became epileptic and was advised to quit seminary as he would be risking conducting services while epileptic.

Okiya Omtata’s Dream To Priesthood

“I met missionary priests in high school who convinced me to join the seminary to train to be a catholic priest. I detoured and took a long time to be a catholic priest. I fell sick when I was finishing my Philosophy and became heavily epileptic.”

While thanking the people of Busia, Omtata says “I am a senator of the Republic of Kenya, elected by the people of Busia. I am not a senator of Busia. Busia is my home county, the county that elected me. The oath I took did not have the word Busia in it”

In regard to this, most netizens are still in limbo wondering if the vocal Omkiya Omtata will remain to be OR if he will wear his new title, “The Senator’.

And when asked if given a chance to go back to the priesthood journey, Omtata says “Unfortunately I am married.”

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