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WhatsApp Is Increasing Group Size To 1,024 Members

WhatsApp Is Increasing Group Size To 1,024 Members

After increasing its group member limit to 512 in May, WhatsApp is again doubling its capacity to 1,024 people.

The latest beta version of the messaging platform for both Android and iOS allows users to add up to 1,023 other participants to a group.

However, the feature is currently available only to a limited number of beta testers at the moment, according to a Mashabale report.

WhatsApp Is Increasing Group Size To 1,024 Members

When it was doubling the group member capacity from 256 in May, WhatsApp also introduced the ability to share files of up to 2GB.

Most recently, the platform announced a handful of new privacy updates on Tuesday, including the ability for users to check their messages without other people knowing.

The Meta-owned service, which has more than 2 billion users currently, also added the ability for people to control who can when they are online and prevent others from taking screenshots of certain messages and leaving groups without notifying all group members.


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