What Mummy Taught Me – Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers' Day

A Happy Mother’s Day

This year’s mother’s day celebrated on 10th May every year comes at a time where the world is fighting coronavirus pandemic. It is a different one because no outings and treats for mothers from children and family at large (If you have been taking them).

In this unpredictable world, filled with the stress of daily living, every woman can face challenges every day. Like never before, women fulfill multiple roles; at home, in the workplace, and in their personal lives.

Happy Mothers’ Day

I have grown up seeing my mom single-handedly raising us. As the firstborn of the family, I have seen moments when mom would cry when she couldn’t be in a position to bring food on the table especially those days that we could not afford a 3 square meal.

I have seen the sacrifices she has made over the years for me and my siblings, just to be where we are now. She took all in her stride. What she could not achieve in her dreams, she made sure that her children were supported enough to achieve theirs and that is how I became a multi-award winning journalist in Kenya.

Hard work and financial prudence were and still are her main values she instilled in us. What amazes me is her humility and ability not to judge (this is a story for another day)

Now that I am also a mother, I can now see the essence of her great sacrifice. Through her, I have learned not to be hard on myself. She has taught me to take a step at a time.

As a principal in one of the best schools in Baringo County, she is tough, but gentle, critical but understanding, disciplined, but free-spirited.

I remember when I was employed as a continuity radio presenter; she embraced an ever-changing world by requesting and appreciating modern music and even dancing to it. Up to date, she’d call the studio line and say;

“Please play me a song back to my roots by Lucky Dube”, or “Coat of many colors by Dolly Parton” and sometimes “Across the bridge by Jim reeves”. Those are among her favorite artists. Indeed, she is my number one fan.

Celebrating our mothers.

I sometimes refer to the current society as the “age of the superwoman” because of the high expectations placed on women. I am glad that Dr. Mrs. Betty Luga (my mom) taught me to be that superwoman. Mama has taught me to;

  • Speak up – your opinion counts

Mom valued everything we had to say and made us feel like our opinions always mattered.

  • Always finish what you started

Whatever we did, or tried to do, she made it very clear that we didn’t give up. We learned determination that guided us all to become achievers in school and in life.

  • Use your talent

My mom delighted in finding out just what the talents of her children were. She encouraged us to do the things we were good at.

  • No matter what you do, do it to your best

She always encouraged us to participate in activities in church and school. Carrying out tasks to the best of our ability was always her motto.

I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life

Abraham Lincoln

There is always a misconception that true mothers are only those who gave birth to us, but the truth is, there are many mothers out there who are always forgotten. These include good stepmothers, foster or adoptive mothers, a grand mum or aunty who took part in raising us. All these mothers deserve a pat on the back

As we celebrate mother’s day, let us appreciate the little things our mothers have done in order for us to be where we are. And most of all, let us pray for them.





Mercy Tyra Murengu
A multi-award-winning journalist accredited by the Media Council of Kenya.

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    1. Happy mother’s day to your mum and all mothers out there.Lovely article !

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