UK To Offer Work Permits To Non-Graduate Kenyans

President Uhuru Kenyatta with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Photo Courtesy

UK to offer jobs for highly skilled Kenyans without university degrees

Kenyans without degrees will be allowed from next year to apply and get work permits for the United Kingdom (UK) under post-Brexit immigration rules.

This comes after the UK government through its home office in charge of immigration and passports introduced a points-based immigration system to be implemented in 2021. The new immigration regime will relax rules for non-graduate job seekers from European and other regions thus compete for the available job opportunities in the UK.

Uk has predicted a lot of vacancies following the new post-Brexit immigration system ended free movement of labour with EU following the departure from the bloc earlier this year.

President Uhuru Kenyatta with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Photo Courtesy

As part of a post-Brexit arrangement, successful applicants will live and work in the UK to boost their economy as it offers the country business access to a wide pool of skilled workers.

Job applicants must have a minimum skill level of A-level or equivalent from degree-level under the 27-member EU bloc system.

There is no planned formal route for lower-skilled workers to enter Britain, although seasonal and sector-specific schemes may be created.

Britain has lowered the minimum general salary threshold for skilled migrants by 26.67 percent to £22,000 (Sh2.97 million) per year, or £1,833 (Sh247, 628) a month, from £30,000 per year currently.

This follows a January 2020 proposal by Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), an independent entity that advises the British government, which had recommended £25,600 (Sh3.46 million) minimum annual pay for migrant skilled laborers.

“An applicant’s job must be at the minimum skill level of A-level or equivalent, rather than degree level under the current system,” said the British home office.

“Under the new system, those wishing to live and work in the UK must gain 70 points – and points are awarded for criteria such as having a job offer, holding a Ph.D. relevant to the job, speaking English and earning more than £22,000 per year,” says an advisory by Britain’s Home Office.

“There are also additional points for those with job offers in ‘shortage occupations’.”

International students completing undergraduate or master’s degrees will be able to stay in Britain for two years and those completing a Ph.D. three years.

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