Uhuru Takes On Ruto And Hustler Narrative

Uhuru: “I Don’t Owe Anyone Any Debt” Photo Courtesy
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Uhuru: “I Don’t Owe Anyone Any Debt”

While addressing quarters keen reminding him that he was in debt to his deputy William Ruto with whom he made the inroad to Kenya’s top job, President Uhuru Kenyatta has pulled a fast one on his critics saying he does not owe anyone any debt.

Speaking in Sagana on Saturday where he met a delegation of more than 5,000 people, Uhuru said he was only in debt to the Kenyan people who gave him the mandate to lead and govern.

Uhuru: “I Don’t Owe Anyone Any Debt” Photo Courtesy

He said “Some people keep saying I made a promise to them, no, I only have a promise ad covenant with the people of Kenya. That is the promise I am implementing”

At the same time, he appeared to fire shots at his deputy, comparing him to an athlete who kept going for the baton before his turn.

Uhuru who has pitched a tent in his politically restless backyard also seized the moment to drum up support for the BBI.

“What is the problem with taking what BBI is offering us, then wait for whatever else they are promising us in future when they get in power?…” He posed

Uhuru has asked the region to be wary of politicians who were hoodwinking them with handouts.

“You see them here com to tell you, ooh you have been neglected and throwing some few coins your way to hoodwink you yet it’s the same money they have looted, your resources. Take that money when it comes, but don’t be blinded or misled” He added

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