Uhuru Lifts The Lockdown

Presdent Uhuru Kenyatta

Measures to strictly adhere

President Uhuru Kenyatta has today announced a phased re-opening of the country while the order to re-open is given conditionally. In the next 21 days, the experts led by the president will study patterns of interactions and the spread of the disease. Any trends that signal a worsening of the pandemic, there will be no choice but to return to the lock-down at zero-option.

The cessation of movement into and out of the Nairobi Metropolitan Area, Mombasa County and Mandera County, that is currently in force, shall lapse at 4:00 a.m. on Tuesday, 7th July 2020

Places of worship will commence phased re-opening for congregational worship and public (in-person) worship in strict conformity with all applicable guidelines and protocols, including the self-regulating guidelines developed by the Inter-Faith Council.

This will be practiced with only a maximum of one hundred (100) participants being allowed at each worship ceremony and not be more than one hour.

President Uhuru Kenyatta lifts the inter-county lockdown. Photo Courtesy

Local Air Travel within the territory of the Republic of Kenya shall resume effective Wednesday, 15th July 2020; in strict conformity with all applicable guidelines and protocols from both the Ministry of Health and civil aviation authorities

International Air Travel into and out of the Territory of the Republic of Kenya shall resume effective 1st August 2020; in strict conformity with all protocols from the Ministry of Health, local and international civil aviation authorities, and any additional requirements applicable at the ports of departure, arrival or transit

The prohibition against social and political gatherings, of whatever nature and the operation of bars to ‘take-away’ only, and the restrictions on the number of persons who can attend weddings and funerals is extended for a further period of 30 days.

The Ministry of Health, in conjunction with the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Enterprise Development shall establish protocols for the resumption of the importation and sale of imported/second-hand clothes.

The Ministry of Education shall jointly with all the stakeholders in the sector shall today, not later than tomorrow, notify the public on the resumption of the 2020 Academic Calendar for Basic Education and Tertiary Institutions.

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