Uhuru Gives Hope To Learners

Uhuru's New Year Speech
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 President Uhuru Kenyatta has reassured Kenyans that learners’ health remains the government’s foremost consideration at a time when schools countrywide are bracing to resume in-person learning on January 4.

The schools will be reopening after a nearly nine-month break triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.

The President, in his new year message on Thursday night, said the government will do everything in its power to ensure the learners’ health and safety.

“On the 4th of January 2021, all our Learners will resume their schooling; with in-person classes and this is from inception class, all the way to those offered by tertiary learning institutions. I wish them all well and I want to assure them and their parents, as well as their guardians that my Government will do everything in its power to ensure their health and safety remains our foremost consideration,” he said.

Uhuru’s New Year Speech

At the same time, the President assured all workers countrywide including farmers, teachers, and artists that the new year will provide an opportunity to build back better, reclaiming lost ground and realizing greater growth and possibility.

“We cannot wish away the woes of 2020, but if we change our perspective, there is no doubt that we can bounce back and bounce back better. I know that we cannot reverse our losses, but we can rebuild what we had before the onset of COVID-19,” he said.

He also thanked the medical practitioners and security services for their exemplary sacrifice during the continued COVID-19 pandemic saying each of them is Kenya’s hero.

In the new year 2021, the President urged every Kenyans to adjust their mindset and embrace the spirit of renewal, hope, possibility, growth, and triumph.

“The New Year presents a unique opportunity in the life of our nation to re-imagine our society, bring back the family to the centre of our communities, and re-build a gentler, and indeed kinder, Kenya,” the President said.

“I wish every Kenyan, whether at home or abroad, a blessed and indeed prosperous New Year. In 2021, we will as individual families, and as a People, cast aside the shackles of 2020. We will overcome the hurdles that were placed in our path in 2020 and start a new leap into the New Year, a year I believe will be one of the limitless opportunities,” he added.

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