“Sugar daddies on the move in Towns”

Sugar Daddies on the move.: Photo Courtesy

Sponsors running the towns

There are million-plus youths looking for jobs in the big towns including Nairobi and Mombasa. These are desperate sons and daughters of Abraham stranded doing everything they can to survive. Many will agree with me after campus most of the parents will now let you go out in these streets to be a better person by looking for a job.

Probably, a few will support their children in setting up a business, and others will use “the brown envelop” method to get them a job. For the young ladies, there has been a trend of sponsors earlier referred to as “sugar daddies” who are married men spoiling girls with lavish lifestyles.

If you, for example, have a close look at social media platforms like Instagram, you will discover that most of the young ladies who are showcasing their expensive lifestyles without disclosing their “second party”

Sugar Daddies on the move: Photo Courtesy

At the age of 25 Anita not her real name lives in Kileleshwa. She says “I am orphan, after completing my college education I have been up and down to land myself a job but this has borne no fruits. I remember a year ago while clubbing with my friends there was this old guy that approached me. We later hooked up to know each other.”

“After a few months, the guy would send me cash of which I could not reverse despite him being a family man. My problems too were solved with the extra cash I got from him. As we talk, my business is running thanks to him.” She adds.

Sugar daddies: Photo Courtesy

For parents or guardians, do you follow up to know where your children are living and what activities they are doing in the city and any other towns? In this case, would you blame Anita for having a relationship with a married man?

We have had many reported cases of young girls going missing and later their bodies found dumped somewhere God knows by who. Could the wives to the cheating husbands be the people behind the deaths of the young girls? Remember the case of Sharon that trended on social media platforms for a couple of weeks?

The big question is, WHO IS TO BLAME?

Felicity Gitonga

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