Snakes Shock A Man After Crashing From A Roof

"When I came back...there was a large slab of ceiling on the kitchen table," David said . Photo Caption
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Imagine returning home and then snakes welcome you at your house. This has happened to an Australian man got shocked after finding two snakes that had crashed through his ceiling and were slithering around his Queensland house when he returned home.

David Tate found one snake in his bedroom and another in the living room on Monday that weighed 22kg (3.4 stone) between them.

It is believed that the two male snakes could have been fighting over a female snake that has not yet been located. Snake catcher Steven Brown said they were of “exceptional size”.

The carpet pythons measured 2.8m (9.1 feet) and 2.5m long.

“When I came back…there was a large slab of the ceiling on the kitchen table,”

“When I came back…there was a large slab of the ceiling on the kitchen table,” David said. Photo Courtesy

After seeing the state of his ceiling, he looked around and eventually found the animals.

He added “I certainly didn’t want to handle them,”

That is why he called in a snake catcher and the ordeal was over with a short time.

David confessed that he had earlier seen snakes bask on his rooftop.

Snakes In The House. Photo Courtesy

Mr. Brown from North Brisbane Snake Catchers and Relocation in an interview said, “These two were of exceptional size compared to the common size that’s usually come across.”

He added “We are just coming into our snake season as today is the start of the breeding season and snakes will only get more active as the temperatures rise into our summer period,”

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