Sex workers decry low business amid curfew

Commercial sex workers

“We can’t pay rent” sex workers lament

The government has been on the forefront to fight coronavirus that has now become a global pandemic.  Earlier, the government announced the implementation of dusk to dawn national curfew due to COVID-19. This has affected business in all parts of the country.

Commercial sex workers in Mombasa and Nairobi Counties have complained of low clients’ flow after the announcement of the curfew by the government. Mary, not her real name, lamented saying that they are forced to accept as little as sh100 from any client. She says men have been forced to stay a home with their wives which has halted the business.

Commercial sex workers

High Voice Africa chairlady, Maryline Laini says “Since the scourge started, we have incurred losses. The closure of bars, restaurants, and clubs as a result of the curfew has rendered 90 percent of sex workers jobless. These were the places where we could get our daily bread,”

The coronavirus measures have led to women suffering the most since they are breadwinners. They are forced to be sex workers due to a lack of opportunities and low graduate salaries.

They are now urging the government to come to their rescue by finding a way to provide assistance to all workers who have lost their earnings.

Sex work in the East Africa nation is currently illegal.

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