Schools Expected Not To Re-Open Soon

Interim report of the covid-19 National Education Response Committee

Interim report of the COVID-19 National Education Response Committee

The COVID-19 National Education Response Committee has today presented the Interim Report to the Cabinet Secretary with various proposals on possible mitigation measures that if put in place will ensure the health and safety of learners in schools once they are re-opened.

The ministry will review the report before advising the country on the steps to be taken regarding the academic calendar and the level of preparedness that will be required of all stakeholders involved in the running of ECD centers, primary and Secondary schools, and teacher training institutions.

The ministry says that the COVID-19 situation obtaining during the time when the committee collected views from all stakeholders has sharply changed this week when the infection rate has hit three-digit figures.

Interim report of the COVID-19 National Education Response Committee

The committee also recognizes that the process to re-open schools will not be switch-on switch off affair, but rather a careful thought and methodical process that must guarantee the safety and health of all learners, teachers, and staff.

Further, the Ministry of Health has projected that the rates of COVID-19 infections are likely to hit a peak in August – September 2020. Hence, the ministry takes the projection seriously especially in the view that more than 350 schools are currently designated as quarantine and isolation centers.

The ministry plans to table some of these proposals before the National Emergency Response Committee this weekend to ensure further consultations to inform the making of a decision regarding the current one-month school extension of schools which expires on June 4th,2020. These consultations will also take into consideration the fact that the current government restrictions announced by President Uhuru Kenyatta will expire on June 6th, 2020.

On May 12th, 2020 the Ministry of Education appointed the COVID-19 National Education Response Committee to advise the Cabinet Secretary on the most prudent steps to be taken to ensure a return of normality in the basic education sector in the face of coronavirus crisis.

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  1. We hope that they make reasonable decisions on this matter.
    I love the write-ups on this site. Informative

    1. That’s our daily prayer. However, we need to learn how to live with the virus. Thank you for reading the articles.

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