Recruiting And Training Of 31,780 Community Health Volunteers

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The Ministry Intends To Intends To Invest More In Public Health Care

The government t is working towards 100% community health units coverage nationally by recruiting and training a total of 31,780 community health volunteers. This will ensure full coverage of community health services in the country which will support home-based isolation and care for the COVID-19 Pandemic and achievement of Universal Health Care.

The Ministry of Health has also developed the Community Health Policy 2020 – 2030 which will lead to better leadership and governance of community health services at the county and national levels.

Issues addressed in the policy include recruitment, training, and deployment of the community health workforce as well as a stronger and responsive community health information system.

The ministry intends to invest more in public health care for sustainable primary health care. Even in the midst of the ministry’s response to coronavirus, the government continues to focus on providing continuous, equitable, accessible, and quality essential health services, which can only be attained through a robust primary health care system.

The Primary Health Care approach requires a whole-of-society approach to health which combines multi-sectoral policy and action, empowering people and communities, and integrated health services. This will enable the ministry to focus on the health and well-being of individuals and communities and not just on their illnesses.

The launch of the Primary Health Care Strategic framework and the Community Health Policy demonstrates the government’s commitment to revitalizing the Primary Health Care systems in Kenya as a critical pillar in the realization of Universal Health Coverage.

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