Police Launch Probe Into Shooting Of KBC Journalist

Police Launch Probe Into Shooting Of KBC Journalist

*Courtesy KBC*

Police have launched investigations into an incident where a Kenya Broadcasting corporation employee was shot dead by armed criminals on Wednesday evening.

Betty Barasa, a senior video editor at the public broadcaster, was shot dead inside the family’s Ololua home shortly after returning home from work.

The gang of three is said to have accosted Betty at the gate before leading her to the house where they held her family hostage.

The gang members are said to have demanded money from the family, and when their demands were not met, resulted to harassing their victims.

While one of the gang members was left at the sitting room keeping watch of the rest of the family members, the other two led their victim to the upper floor of the house ostensibly in search of valuables.

While what transpired at the family’s main bedroom remains unclear, the rest of the family reported hearing gunshots before the two armed men came down the stairs. When the sound of gunfire ran silent, Betty’s lifeless body lay on the ground in a pool of blood.

Police Launch Probe Into Shooting Of KBC Journalist

The gang then proceeded to pick a laptop and a phone before disappearing into the darkness.

The Wednesday’s evening incident as graphical as was disturbing, an incident that left her young family distraught after witnessing the entire episode unfold before their very eyes.

Detectives are now piecing together evidence as they try to unravel the brutal murder of the journalist.

Her death has elicited an outpouring of condolences with those who knew her describing the fallen journalist as a hardworking and dedicated employee whose memories will remain in their hearts forever.

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  1. I am at loss for words, RIP Betty 🙁

    1. It is devastating. May she Rest In Peace.

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