No Liquor Outlets In Bus Parks. Embu County Orders.

No Liquor Outlets In Bus Parks. Embu County Orders. Photo Courtesy
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No Liquor Outlets In Bus Parks. Embu County Orders.

The County Government of Embu has ordered the immediate closure of all liquor outlets operating within bus parks in Embu Town.

The move follows the dismissal of a petition by the operators challenging their eviction at the High Court in Embu.

The traders had moved to court challenging the directive issued by the government ordering closure of liquor outlets in bus parks on July 10, 2019. They claimed they were doing legitimate business and operating within the law.

This now brings to an end a protracted war between the traders and Public Service Vehicles (PSV) operators who have been complaining of the proliferation of wine and spirits pubs that had become a threat to their work environment.

No Liquor Outlets In Bus Parks. Embu County Orders. Photo Courtesy

The operators have for long complained that the pubs that operate the whole day have been enticing their drivers to indulge in alcoholism thus risking the lives of passengers.

They also claimed that some outlets are also notorious for selling liquor to minors especially students on their way home during the closure of schools.

The students are said to employ all possible tricks to purchase liquor including sending touts at a cost to buy alcohol that is disguised as soft drinks by mixing it with sodas.

Following the ruling, the enforcement section of the county government has written a memo requiring the operators to cease operations immediately.

“ Take notice that this communication serves to require you not to operate/open/use the liquor outlets as per the provisions of Embu County Laws for control of sale of liquor and as upheld by the High court ruling dated September 27, 2021,” read part of the memo signed by Head of Enforcement Fredrick Njagi.

The memo continues, “Take notice that failure to comply with this notice shall be an offense punishable under the existing alcoholic drinks law.”

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