My Child Is Losing

Anxiety in learning

Anxious learners and parents.

Parents are one of the most stranded people in the country with their children having stayed at home for almost two months now. Education Cabinet Secretary Professor George Magoha earlier announced the prolonging of the stay at home to all learners for another month giving a directive that the schools will open on the 4th of June 2020.

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We have children from private schools, public schools, and not forgetting from different backgrounds. Some parents can afford to buy tablets for their children to have some virtual learning while others are not capable of doing so.

Think of that KCPE or KCSE candidate from a certain village with no electricity connection and poor network. The family too struggling to afford even a single meal for a day. Even with the government implementing virtual learning for students, there are so many children out there who have not had a chance to learn virtually since day one of the directives.

Parents from rural areas are now lamenting saying their children will be forced to accept their grades and marks they will acquire after the results announcement due to the many challenges they are facing in their revision. There are no books nor phones to study online in the villages.

In regard to this, the most advantaged children will sit for the same national examination with other privileged children learning day and night in those study rooms.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has also allayed fears of KCPE and KCSE candidates missing this year’s exams on account of coronavirus. Candidates are now in a panic mode not knowing their fate.

Felicity Gitonga

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  1. Nice one…Reality check

    1. Thank you. All children must be treated equally in terms of education.

  2. The sons and daughters will always be disadvantaged in one or the other way. Bad thing, they are all graded the same.

    1. It is so unfortunate for the unprivileged ones

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