Mirema Murder Suspect Dennis Karani Freed

Mirema Murder Suspects Dennis Karani Freed. Photo Courtesy

Mirema Murder: Dennis Karani, Suspect In Killing Of ‘Pishori Syndicate’ Boss Freed

Dennis Karani, the suspect arrested in connection with the murder of ‘Pishori Syndicate’ boss Samuel Muvota in broad daylight, has been released.

His release comes after the prosecution told the court that there was no evidence linking him to the murder that shocked the nation and triggered a chain of events that revealed a disturbing, well-oiled drink-spiking syndicate.

The prosecution was given 14 days to complete its investigation into Karani’s involvement, just a day after he surrendered to police.

Dennis Karani Gachoki spoke exclusively to Citizen TV on Monday, May 23 at the DCI Headquarters, denying any involvement in the controversial businessman’s murder.

According to the prosecution at the time, Karani was not the one who pulled the trigger but was believed to have commandeered the getaway car.

Though it remains unclear why the man was murdered in cold blood, findings by the Directorate of Criminal Investigation’s (DCI) Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Unit shed light on Muvota’s alleged line of work, which could possibly have led him to his early grave.

Mirema Murder Suspects Dennis Karani Freed. Photo Courtesy

According to DCI, Muvota had been arrested on more than 30 occasions on fraud-related charges in the past 11 years.

By the time of his death, the DCI stated, Muvota was purportedly the brains behind an ATM and SIM swapping syndicate operating within Nairobi and its environs, which was minting millions from unsuspecting Kenyans.

Muvota is said to have swindled oblivious Kenyans by scouting and recruiting over 50 women to spike the drinks of unsuspecting revelers frequenting various high-end entertainment joints across the city.

After drugging the victims with a drug known only as ‘Tamuu’, the ladies would steal all their belongings, including ATM cards, which would later be used by Muvota to illegally obtain money from their mobile money and bank accounts.

So lucrative was the syndicate that Muvota reportedly obtained several multi-million shilling properties across Nairobi and a fleet of high-end vehicles since 2011 when he ventured into the business.


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