Maraga is a frustrated man

Chief justice David Maraga. Photo Courtesy

Maraga tells Uhuru to appoint judges proposed by JSC

On Monday Chief Justice David Maraga expressed his disappointment calling out on President Uhuru Kenyatta for refusing to meet him to discuss various issues that include discussion of the stalled appointment of 41 judges proposed by the Judicial Service Commission.

While addressing the press, Maraga noted that it was unconstitutional for the head of state to refuse to appoint judges.

You do not expect citizens to respect the rule of law when you as the government cannot obey it

C.J David Maraga

The CJ added “Your excellency, you know I have respect for you as our President and I have told you that. You also know that I have for a long time now unsuccessfully sought an appointment to discuss this issue with you, leaving me with no option but to raise the matter through this public statement,” he said.

Chief justice David Maraga. Photo Courtesy

Maraga has also called on the President to task the AG to take stock of all other court decrees and orders issued against the government and immediately start acting on them.

He said several Kenyans who have been seeking compensation from the government, such as accident victims and those involved in land disputes, have failed to get any reprieve from the courts because the government fails to act on the orders given.

If you file a land case in the Environment and Land Court at the Milimani Nairobi today, the earliest your case will be heard is in 2022

Chief Justice David Maraga


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