Ksh10 Billion To Be Spent On Restoring Public Hygiene Standards

Kazi mtaani initiative. Photo Courtesy

Hygiene needs to be restored in public

President Uhuru Kenyatta is in the forefront to help his government in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Hygiene is a crucial thing that has been recommended in the fight against the deadly disease.

In this regard, the government has started to harness the energy of young people and engaging them in the National Hygiene Programme – Kazi Mtaani Initiative.

Under this programme, a total of 10 Billion shillings will be spent in engaging the youth in restoring public hygiene standards, urban civil works, and other public undertakings

Kazi Mtaani Initiative. Photo Courtesy

Currently, during the trial period, the number of youth engaged stand at 26,000 with the government intending to increase that number to 200,000 youths across the country.  

We are making this endeavor through an urban renewal programme to upgrade and to modernize our towns and cities; we want our towns to be clean and green, just like Singapore is.  There is no reason why Kenya cannot be.

President Uhuru Kenyatta

Uhuru said that in order to make the programme sustainable after the COVID crisis, the government will regiment the youth into livelihood guilds. This is because these are small groups of young people with a purpose and a passion for Kenya.  The national government will also work with county governments, to look for ways of generating work for youth.

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