Kenya Pipeline Company to produce 2Million liters of Hand Sanitizer.

Kenya Pipeline Company: Photo Courtesy

Kenya Pipeline Company acquire partnership with more oils and gas companies

Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) has been using ethanol that had been earlier legally shipped into the country. This has been utilized in the manufacture and distribution of hand sanitizers to needy Kenyans in efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Macharia Irungu Kenya Pipeline Company Managing director says “We have produced 800,000 liters of hand sanitizers and distributed them and we are still collecting alcohol from different areas to help in the production”

Kenya Pipeline Company: Photo Courtesy

KPC has entered into a partnership with 10 private entities to boost hand sanitizer production capacity. The parastatals seeking more partnerships with oil and gas companies due to their distribution networks.

Principal Secretary for the State Department for Petroleum Andrew Kamau says “if it was the manufacturing sector in the country, we would not be able to produce essentials like hand sanitizers. This means there is development and enhancement and development of the manufacturing sector in Kenya”

KPC is targeting to produce and distribute two million liters of hand sanitizers to the needy Kenyans in the country.

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