Is Coffee Good For Your Health?

A cup of coffee

Coffee or not?

It is the rainy season, and the weather is cold, right? The aroma of a black cup of coffee feels the air whenever you think of coffee, right? And among the best things, friends can do is to catch up in an evening chat over a cup of coffee. And as Rohan Marley said, “Coffee connects us in so many ways to each other, to our senses, and to the earth that supports the coffee trees.

Most people relate coffee with sleeplessness and long hours of an energy boost. John Kamau is a North Rift Sacco driver Eldoret Nairobi route. He says that whenever he takes a cup of coffee, he drives comfortably without feeling tired along the way.

“Before I proceed to Nairobi, I have to take a cup or two to remain alert. I don’t feel exhausted after taking coffee. From Eldoret, the next stop is at a restaurant called Nakubreeze in Nakuru then I take another cup that will tug me to Nairobi…” explains John.

A cup of coffee

Matilda Makungu is a nutritionist from Moi teaching and referral hospital and confirms that too much consumption of coffee can be dangerous to the human body.

“Too much coffee means too much caffeine which may lead to high-stress levels and dehydration… Lack of sleep causes fatigue and headaches and sometimes hallucinations”, she says

“I know when you hear of coffee, caffeine comes into your mind. But the truth is, it contains antioxidants that protect against diseases”, says Matilda.

She however adds that coffee helps in protection against type 2 diabetes. People who take coffee have a very low chance of metabolic syndrome including type 2 diabetes that occurs when the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin.

It helps in lowering the chances of getting cancer. The research that was done by Italians shows that coffee lowers the risk of liver cancer by at least 40%. People who take coffee also have low risks of gallstone diseases.

Plain black coffee is low in calories, hence reduces weight loss. It contains chlorogenic acid which speeds up weight loss to those fighting with extra kilos.

A cup of Coffee

According to Johns Hopkins,

  • Coffee drinkers are less likely to die from some of the leading causes of death in women: coronary heart diseasestroke, diabetes, and kidney disease.
  • Drinking one to two cups of coffee a day may help ward off heart failure when a weakened heart has difficulty pumping enough blood to the body.
  • Caffeine is not only linked to a lower chance of developing Parkinson’s disease, but it may also help those with the condition better control their movements.
  • For women, drinking at least one cup of coffee a day is associated with lower stroke risk, which is the fourth leading cause of female deaths.

Every 1st October, is an International coffee day, an occasion to celebrate and promote coffee as a beverage, as agreed by international coffee organization. But you know what;

Science may never come up with a better office communication system than the coffee break.

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Mercy Tyra Murengu
A multi-award-winning journalist accredited by the Media Council of Kenya.

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