Hon. Rindikiri Welcomes Ruto In Buuri, Launches Boda Boda Sacco and Hustlers Hotel.

Ruto in Buuri Constituency
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Hon. Rindikiri Welcomes Ruto In Buuri, Launches Boda Boda Sacco and Hustlers Hotel.

The chief hustler His Excellency Dr. William Ruto had the opportunity to visit various constituencies in Meru County among them Buuri Constituency.

Amid the heated political campaigns ahead of the 2022 general elections, Ruto has been backing up his bottom–up approach campaign via United Democratic Alliance (UDA) across the country.

Ruto in Buuri Constituency

His counterparts among them Buuri MP Hon. Rindikiri Mugambi has backed up the Deputy President in his area of work by persuading the voters.

In regard to this, while addressing people in Kiirua Market, the DP was able to launch Buuri Bodaboda Sacco and supported the group with Ksh 1Million to help them advance their developments.

Buuri MP Hon. Rindikiri Mugambi adressing in Kiirua Market.

He also launched a “Hustlers’ Hotel” in Kiirua opposite St. Theresa Mission Hospital which is a project started by Hustlers Self Help Group through their Uwezo Funds awarded by Hon. Rindikiri Mugambi.

Both groups thanked the deputy president and their MP for minding their welfare.

The legislators urged the people to join saccos and self-help groups to take advantage of the funds issued by the government to its people.

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